Of Chrsitians and Opportunists

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Posted by pancho from pool0037.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 6:56AM :

+++This a beaut. From beth...where else?


The European Union has nothing to do with recognition of any genocide, Turkey has to recognize the genocide of Assyrians regardless if it joins the EU or not, based on moral grounds, and not because it canít enter the EU before recognizing it.

++++You want to remember the "moral" part to this...comes in handy later.

Germany after WWII had to recognize the holocaust even with no picture of the EU in sight.

As to us Assyrians if we can cut a deal with Turkey where they can save face, and we can get something in return, then it would be worth it, and in the best interest of both sides.

+++An interesting take on morality as a utilitarian thing...if I get something out of it...your previously defined immorality is...what? Forgiven? Overlooked?. Never happened?

+++Someone rapes your son...but compensates him in some way so he "gets" something out of it and the morality issue no longer exists?

And this is the one and only way that both Turkey and Assyrians can strike a deal of mutual interest, forget about 1915, and start a new fresh relation:

+++So it's possible to "forget" about it, as long as you get some compensation. But absent that, we have to go on clamoring and yelping...till we get "something". I would imagine the moral position would be that there IS nothing someone can "give you" to compensate for the rape of your son...even more, that to accept anything from such a person or country is a way of forgiving them that isn't really forgiveness, just profiting from the harm done to the boy. Forgiveness is forgiveness...it can't be bought and sold...the way you "bought" a trip to a jew heaven for having sold out Ashur.

If Turkey recognizes an independent sovereign Assyrian state in Northern Iraq (the Mosul Vilayat or the Province of Nineveh, because after all Mosul is actually Nineveh, and Nineveh is the Capital of Assyria). Then Assyrians would forgive Turkey for their involvement in the Assyrian genocide of 1915.

++++Go whistle up your arse. Turkey will recognize no such thing...Nineveh or Mosul was not a soverign state, and hadn't been long before Turkey appeared on the scene, but a province of Turkey...which I'm sure Turkey would love to reclaim. This is the nonsense that passes for a "National Question" with us in our Diapers.

-- pancho
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