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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 7:09AM :

If Saddam said to me ancient Nineveh is a part of Iraqi history...I wouldn't argue about it...where's the crime in that?

If he said Iraq is an Arab country I'd say it was none of my business, no matter what I thought...what difference does it make to anything if Iraq is Arab or American?

If he said Ashurbanipal was an ancient Iraqi king, I'd say he was an Assyrian king whose kingdom used to be in what is today Iraq. Which is what the Iraqi Cultural site admits to...why should they bother to do otherwise?

If Saddam said ancient Assyria exists no more, but its treasures and ruins are in Iraq...why argue? What's wrong or inconsistant with that position? France was once Gaul and a Roman what? That was then, this is Gaul is France and the Roman yoke is long gone.

If the United States had never bombed Iraqi waterworks...and if Turkey hadn't been cutting off water supplies for years now, and Iraq had all the clean water it needed...and Saddam said he wanted to build a dam over the city of Ashur...just to ruin Assyrian history...I'd say he'd been hanging around Fred Aprim and Peter the Rabid too long.

-- pancho
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