Of Terrorists

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Posted by pancho from pool0039.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 7:30AM :

It's funny...eight guys with brass knuckles, crow bars and chains attack you in a back alley somewhere and are pounding the living daylights out of you till you're fading fast ... can barely see for all the blood in your face and can't much remain conscious for all the blows being rained down on your head...so in a last desperate act, you reach out blindly and grab the balls on one guy and give them a good yank (God is a female...she gave us boys balls for a good reason)...and they cry "Foul"!!!, call in reinforcements cause you did a "Terrible" thing. You didn't "Play Fair"...and you know how Americans care about fair play.

To even accept the notion that 18 year olds with bombs strapped to their backs are "terrorists" is to have lost the argument. Or to be presented with this "reality" and then condemn these "Terrorists" without demanding to know what drove them to it in the first place...is also to lose the argument outright. Don't be surprised if from then on news show hosts yell and scream at at us, trying to distract us and make this phony bologna "point" stick.

Any sort of killing of civillians is terror...and soldiers are just stupid or poor civillians.

-- pancho
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