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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 10:24AM :

This current mess, 9/11...the attacks on our Constitution...busting the bank...the rise of "Terrorism" and the endless war we're going to be waging against anyone in the world, anywhere in the world...including right here...a war fought in the end against all brought to us courtesy of our own stupid actions atarting from the time when Christians took off after Jews for "killing Jesus".

What business did the United Nations have creating Israel? Who gave them their friggin "mandate"? What was the United Nations from its inception but a Rich White Man's club. Formed at the end of the Second World War by the winners... it's frist great act was one of theft and self-serving... creating a country by robbing another people of theirs... A Euro/Gringo oufit, it did this as one more step in solving its "Jewish Problem"...right after murder and broiling failed to complete the job.

Those who ran the UN from its start were the same Europeans who for centurfies had been batting the Jews back and forth between them like a shuttlecock...including the United States, which joined in the game late. Who tried Captain Dreyfuss and impriononed him on a trumped up charge because of rampant anti-Jewish feelings?...That one, seminal, act that convinced Hertzl something massively more wicked and organized was coming...that sent him lecturing around Europe on the need to create a Zionist state where Jews could exist together and apart from their devoted and brutal tormentors...the Christian Church. What was the United States except a nation that wouldn't grant Jews full rights under the Constitution...the same country that wouldn't allow Jews to live where they chose, join clubs and vacation among Christians...that denied a boatload of Jews escaping Hitler to land, forcing them back to Germany where they were killed.

What were England, Germany, France, Italy and Russia but countires that persecuted Jews and had been doing it for over 1000 years...and who either collaborated or stood by with satisfaction in their grim hearts and relief that only one or two among them were brutal and honest enough to do what they all wished done with their "Jewish Problem".

And what was the creation of Israel but another step in that program to cleanse Europe of its Jews...stealing the lands of Muslims...something they'd also been doing for send their problem elsewhere...among a People who'd provided the only shelter and haven from Christian persecution the Jews had EVER known?

And we wonder why the Muslim world is PISSED?

Muslims had nothing against Jews, nothing at all...and would hate Sharon just as much today if he was Italian or French... Catholic or Buddhist.

From the day Israel was created on top of the orchards and fields of Palestine...our fates were sealed...our slide into this mechanized barbarism all but guaranteed. Even now...after all these years, the Palestinians would tolerate an Israeli state that was fairly and equally devised...which is precisely what neither Sharon nor Washington wants. They've found other uses for this "problem" now.

A nation that enslaves people only ruins itself eventually. What we have been supporting for the past four decades...the systematic brutalization of another set of wholey innocent we persecuted the Jews before them...has brought us this day...courtesy of Christians and NOT Muslims.

You can make a desperate fighter out of anyone...Christian, Jew or Muslim...and all of us...the "good and innocent" ones who allow this to happen, will be the ones eventually to pay the ultimate price for behaving in these ways.

Our own America will be the logical victim of this sort of perfidy.

-- pancho
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