Trent Lott...the early bird...

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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 11:41AM :

...gets the shaft.

Pity the poor slob...he's begging for our forgiveness now. He's pleading with the wrong's the Conservatives he has to owrry about...yes, his own Mob famigla is about to rat the guy for divulging Family secrets, breaking we didn't know.

READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Trent Lott of Mississippee is a RACIST!!!

The Christian Conservative Right has been going to great lengths to hold its collective nose and tolerate your better
"Kneegrows"...."Look mother...we HIRED us a nigra judge". They've had to put up with the disgusting thought of women in the workforce...women on top...women getting abortions ON Daddy was entitled to sex ON DEMAND all those centuries...they've had to bend and twist with the times...all the while keeping their resentments hidden but not forgotten.

It was poor timing, that's all Lott is guilty of. What he let slip is what an increasing number of white folk in this country believe...that they have to work long and hard and stay underground and mouth platitudes, to one day rise again and reclaim the country for the White Man...and those who do a good enough job of bleaching their souls...good enough to serve at Whitey's pleasure but never, ever as full equals.

And even the conservative Christians have no real power...but are used as a dependable voting bloc by the same corporate boys who run everything else. Conservatives can be counted on to get out the vote on "moral" issues...and just, by the way, vote along corporate lines. Anyone who believes god stays up nights talking to him and worrying about him, is that much more likely to believe a CEO is thinking about him and watching out for the welfare of his children and dog. In both instances these Christian types have a penchant for believing the unbelievable...simply if, and for no other reason is UNBELIEVABLE!!

In other words, the more implausible something is...the more it MUST be right...halleluja, dontcha know!

-- pancho
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