Militant Islam vs Cheery Christianity

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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 12:05PM :

Let's see....The religious wars in Europe between Christians...the Thirty Years War...the Peasant's War...the Seven Years war...the Napoleonic Wars...The Hundred Years' War...the Franco-Prussian War...the Crusader war against the Byzantine Empire...the First World War...Second World War...Nato war on many millions and tens of millions of Christians killed by much damage and destruction....and that's not counting all the wars against Muslims and other "pagans" and heathens".

+++When and where in all that time has Islam done the same...from 1500 till today?

I love the way we squeal with delight that we became Christian AND NO ONE FORCED US!!! Just offered us some candy and a promise of a heaven no one can describe except in hellish terms...and we dumped what had made us great to become what has made us greatly handy.

I have more respect for those who fought like hell to avoid being swept aside by this religion of peace...the Islander who fought to preserve his coconut god...the proud Aztec and Inca who saw only an arrogant fortune hunter in the representatives of the jew god who stole his lands, women, children, gold and gods.

What school kid can forget the picture of the saintly Padre Juan facing the cowed Indians holding merely a miniature of the gibbet his god was hanged from? Who could neglect to see that behind the good Padre stood hordes of armored soldiers on armored horseback bristling with sword and gun and canon and disease and lust? What chance of "converting" anyone would that Padre have had if not backed by the might of the greatest military force of that day...the Spanish Empire?

Yet we...with so little to lose, apparently...went swarming of our own free will to Christianity...after it healed Abgar of the Clapp. No need to drag need to dethrone our disparage our culture and Heritage...hell no, just offer us a warm place in heaven, whatever it might be...and we're yours...we'll do the trashing ourselves.

You'd have to be pretty low to willingly adopt Christianity...unless you were a slave without a hope in this world.

Guess how much hope we have right now...and just watch us us fawn. Send your "Thanks" to Bush's no more than we've been doing for 2000 years..."thanking" those who got us to rat ourselves out...without lifting a finger against us!

They didn't need to bother...we wiped our selves out, in the modern era, long before anyone did it to us. Who supports a war against Iraq more fervently than your basic Christian/ Assyrian/ American?

-- pancho
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