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Posted by pancho from pool0095.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 12:27PM :

In Reply to: End of a short euphoria # 2 posted by andreas from dtm2-t8-1.mcbone.net ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 12:03PM :

: AUA Secretary General Letter to President Bush

: Posted By: AUANEWSWATCH <AUANEWSWATCH@aol.com> (cache-ntc-ai03.proxy.aol.com)
: Date: Friday, 13 December 2002, at 5:52 p.m.

: December 12, 2002

: George W. Bush
: President of the United States
: The White House
: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
: Washington, DC 20500

: Dear President Bush;

: I am sending this letter to you out of frustration. This is Thursday and the conference being organized by the six opposition leaders in London and endorsed by the Department of State is scheduled to meet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Dec. 13, 14, 15 and 16 2002). As of this afternoon invitations have not been received nor have any Assyrian representatives been notified or invited to attend the conference.

+++The poor overgrown baby hasn't been invited. Mind you this Putz was formally asked to resign his clownship of the AUA by the Federation...this year. What difference does it make to anything?

The location of the conference was confirmed today.

: We Assyrians had a successful Conference hosted by the Assyrian Universal Alliance in London November 1, 2 and 3, 2002 resulting in unity among 9 organizations and producing a declaration on the needs of the Assyrians.

+++Let's see...nine organizations...an average of 4.6 members to each organization....that makes a total of 41.4 Assyrian representatives...none of whom anyone ever heard of...none of whom any of us want to hear from or of, all of them retired farts or active taxi drivers, shop owners and engineers...taking it upon thesmselves to speak on our behalf...and we say nothing. We deserve every bit of ridicule we unknowingly heap on ourselves.

With all the uncertainty and delay on this conference it has caused a break down in our internal communication.

+++GET OUT!!! You're blaming BUSH??? You guys broke down long ago! What's an "internal communication" anyway? Is that where you whisper to yourself that you're the leader of the Assyrian nation..."where's my invitation"??

This confusion has resulted in a loss of confidence in our word and some members of our unity team have run off and acted on their own.

++++Oh lord...what a howler. The rest of us ran out screaming in the night LONG AGO! I'm surprised the anyone made it this far. You're , "acting on your own"...why can't three other people and a dog...an Assyrian dog, do the same?

: I am sure that you Mr. President, all the members of the State Department, the Department of Defense and the Security Council are very concerned about the ability of the six member opposition leadership to be able to work together and be productive.

++++You Putz...they're laughing up their sleeves...who the hell needs us, or you...to conduct their "policy"? And, ultimately...what the hell would you know about being productive? The most lasting impact you'll ever had will be as the butt of a joke...the joke you made of us when you threatened to sue the city of Chicago if it dared install a monument paid for by everyone BUT you...half of the cost of which came from your own sister who died without you allowing the city to install it so she could have been the one to unveil it, l.ike I promised she would...because YOU wanted to be the one to do it...that and having it installed at your own Wurld Hindquarters of a dump next to Hooker's Corner there on Clark Street. It's at the same time the most productive and the most destructive thing you've ever done.

: We would like to restate our position on a future government of Iraq. With all the various factions and in-fighting and unwillingness to have American participation by a number of opposition groups, it is imperative that an American military government similar to that which was successfully done in Japan by the USA be instituted.

+++Can you believe this guy...now he wants an occupying force in Iraq...and he's a leader the Iraqis wouldn't want to hang?

Iraqi personnel can then be integrated into the government successfully and take over within a limited time.

++++yeah yeah...and you can become ambassador to America...or Iraq...or Tunisia, or Disneyland.

: We are indeed grateful and appreciative of some of the positive actions taken by you Mr. President and the Department of State. I thank God and you President Bush for recognizing the Assyrian Democratic Movement as an opposition group and eligible for assistance under the Iraqi Liberation Act.

+++ZOWAA is an "opposition group" like you are...opposed to making sense...to being productive...you name it.

We also thank the Department of State for involving some of the 62 names we submitted as participants in the working groups. We also are thankful to the State Department for insisting on Assyrian and Turkoman involvement in the opposition meetings.

+++What a thankful guy...you couldn't ask for a better puppy.

: Please let me restate some of our concerns that we have previously reported with no apparent change. The Assyrian representatives to the conference are being selected by the 6 leadership organizers of the conference. We are not allowed to replace any of our representatives. We have not been given any participation in the leadership either as members or observers. We respectfully request that an Assyrian be included on all committees which the upcoming conference may appoint to ensure Assyrian participation in activities following the conference.

+++I wonder who that would be?

: I am including the declaration on Assyrian needs which was unanimously passed at our Assyrian November conference.

+++He got it IN!!! He got one of their declarations in!!! A victory!!!

Should a federal state for Iraq be established attached is a map denoting the Assyrian triangle which we submit for the indigenous Christian Assyrians.

+++A square peg in a triangular hole wont fit.

: Warm personal regards,

: Sen. John J. Nimrod, Ret.
: Secretary General

: CC: Vice President Richard Chaney

++++CHENEY...you Putz!!!

: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

: Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz

: Under Secretary of State Marc Grossman

: Ambassador Khalidad Zalmay, Assistant to the President

: Director Benjamin Miller, for Iraq and Persian Gulf - National Security Council

: Director David Pearce, Northern Gulf Affairs

: Nate Jensen, Iraq Desk Northern Gulf Affairs

: Hon. Henry Hyde, Chairman House Committee on International Government Relations

: Hon. Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman California

: Enc: Assyrian Declaration with Map

+++At least we know he'll be ignored...some consolation. Lord what fools we be.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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