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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 2:42PM :

In Reply to: Only holding you to your own words posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 2:37PM :

:You know what the British did to those people living in India? Imposed a history on them that may not have been true.

+++ .. and they imposed it to serve well-calculated ends.
Check out the (modern) Assyrian case: Picking up some sprayed aspects and references to "Assyria" (Whatever that may be) they stirred up nationalism, exploited the gonocide plight and the survial instincts of Assyrians and so fabricated themselves a wonderful tool to serve their purposes.
Got never suspicious?
Still swallowing the nationalistic stuff with hook and sinker?
Still willing to perpetuate the plight and abuse of your people ?
Instead of liberating it to form their own fate based on a de-ideoligized history?

+++ Would I ever speak this way, if I never cared?

: : Why does it matter who is descended from whom way back then when ethnicity was not so structured, or at least not defined in the *same* sense as we define it these days? Do you see what I'm pointing at? The superimposition of one culture's (broadly described as Western culture's) way of viewing, defining, & symbolizing things onto another culture's (broadly - any "other" culture's) history.

+++ 1) I know. I agree. I share you concerns.
As a European I'd not allow the "Western" (US) culture to be imposed on European, German culture .
Further I know of the imcompetence of "Western" science, here: orientalism (incl. Assyriology) due to lack of any profound understanding of cultural psychology of any other people - any other in time and/ space - , any precise methodology, lack of any sound concept of time and chronology (expect some revolutions to come on this field!) and above all - due to the overwhelming impact of materialist thinking patterns totally unfit to come to any terms with a more spiritual, holistic worldview.

+++ 2) However: I didn't start that "decendancy" freakishness. It was the weird claim by an Assyrian Qasha that Jesus Christ was/is Assyrian/Jew. And it was the ideologically powered historical carelessness in claiming Jesus as an Babylonian ... an Assyrian ....
I only hold you to your own words.

+++ You are supposed to remember, my feminine.

+++ Your feline.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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