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Posted by Lilly from D007049.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 0:12AM :

In Reply to: OK,but not consistent with your historical fantas posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at 6:09PM :

: : xxx Look, buddy (& I use that word lightly here), I have no nationalistic feelings, just feelings of profound sadness at what's happened to Iraq, the former center of the civilized world on the African, Asian, & European continents. I care about ALL Iraqis from ALL religions. Never once have I said that Assyrians were superior to anyone else there. However, that they do have a history of their own - that is something that I would agree about - just as anyone else from any other religious "group" in Iraq has a history worth learning about. I don't want Iraq to be converted into an ethnically pure state. It should continue to be the ethnic melting pot, creative center, & meeting place of numerous cultures that it always was.

: +++ OK would be fine, but that's not consistent with your historical fantasies as you displayed in your earlier messages.
: Check them if you don't remember.
: I hold you to your words.

xxx Perhaps the inconsistency is in your mind. When I said that statement about how I didn't want to see Iraq converted into an "ethnically pure" state, I meant that I did not want certain factions among us Babylonian mutts (& mutts are the best creatures - less birth defects) to get caught up in certain Euro-US designated ethnicities & kill each other over it. Iraq has never before been on the verge of the catastrophe it is being set up to become. We, like the other ex-Brit colonies, are being told that one faction of us is ancestrally related to only one old empire, & the other factions are not related to us or have as sacred of a past - they are "other", "Arab", & for that reason we should hate them, want to kill them, clean off the land of these people... it's not the case - we're part of a grand & glorious mixed heritage, every Iraqi is, not just the Assyrians. We were & still are being set up to think along racist lines so that we have an excuse to hate & kill. It would keep us busy while our "allies", now the oil corporations (but before it was old money) get to enjoy the spoils. Happened in India... divide & conquer.

: +++ You already said your love is worth nothing.
: No also your memory and your words.
: Simply run through your spoutings again.

xxx You know, it creeps me out that you even remember that I wrote that once a long time ago. That's twice now you've brought that up. Go remind someone else of her exclamations about her love, will ya? & keep in mind that I ENJOY busting balls when necessary.

-- Lilly
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