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Posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 2:49AM :

Re: The Statment of The Chaldean Federation of Ame

Posted By: Doozoota <> (
Date: Sunday, 15 December 2002, at 12:19 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Statment of The Chaldean Federation of Ame (Assyrian Observer)

I don't understand why some are upset at this statement.

The man acknowledges that we are one nation, at the same time he has sentimental ties to the name Chaldean, u c the name Chaldean means Kulleh diyyan or in english "they are all ours".

As far as ZOWAA changing the name, its too late as it would create so much extra work for President Bush, he may just say the hell with it and forget about us :), otherwise I am sure ZOWAA would have loved to please our brethren the Assyrians members of the Chaldean Church.

In regards to the total message, it is very political and reflects the current changes i.e. President Bush's declaration re-ZOWAA, and once we get close to achieving statehood, our brethren Assyrian of the Chaldean Church will be proud to call themselves by their rightful name ASSYRIANS and may even change the name of the church to Assyrian Chaldean Church.

Let us not forget that our brethren the Assyrians of the Chaldean Church are political minded and will do the right thing in due time.

As Mr. Afram Rayis said "Transition" from knowing themselves as Christian Arabs to Chaldean to Assyrian, and that is when our brethren our flesh and blood the Assyrians of the Chaldean Church will be proud and together we will have no place to go but forward.

As the name says KUlleh Diyyan and they are without a question.


Editorial Note:
Kulleh Diyyan.... that's clever.

Ana Ewin "KullehDiyyan". Some at the convention in Detroit intentionally confused the terms "Kaldanaye" with "Kelbanaye"... and also "Dikh-ewit" with "Dikhri-wit"... but I've never heard KullehDiyyan. Very very clever.

They ARE all ours, aren't they??

-- Jeff
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