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A Different Kind of Erection
Posted by Emil (Guest) squaremoon@emilsdiary.com - Saturday, November 19 2005, 1:06:34 (CET)
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Is sex all about pleasure?
Is pleasure all about intercourse, holes, and the penetration of these?
Is penetration about climax and orgasms?
Are we to assume that homosexuals are attempting to emulate the woman in their exploration of the same-sex landscape?
Is the anus a sorry substitute for the vagina? Is the anus in a homoerotic encounter an understudy for the vagina?
It's rather insecure and self-aggrandizing of a woman, oppressed in her own sexuality no doubt, to assume that the homosexual male is attempting to emulate, let us say his mother or Madonna for that matter, in bottoming for another male.
Is the woman still so uncomfortable with her own body and intellect that she has to compare herself to another MALE, promote homophobia to make herself come out ON TOP when homophobia sprouts from the very SAME seed of misogyny?
Bottoming in the "gay" sense is not about GIVING pleasure, or SURRENDERING control, as in a traditional heterosexist sense. On the contrary. It's about being MALE and celebrating MALE SEXUALITY while owning one's body, and EXPERIENCING pleasure in tandum. It's about having complete control and ownership over one's body and sensuality.
It has nothing to do with PUTTING OUT, or being anyone's BITCH.
And why would man resent woman's sexuality and covet it when the heterosexual woman is considered a "whore" and a "slut" not only by other men, but by herself and her female contemporaries whenever she seems to own her body in a liberal manifestation? Promiscuous, if you will.
Gay men do not want to be "like" woman. At least not under the same oppressive and imbalanced conditions that survive in the heterosexist dynamic.
Gay men are MEN as much as anyone would like to pretend otherwise, and we like BEING men.
And drag isn't about WANTING to be woman but PARODYING the very culture from which we spring, a culture that tries to humiliate and deny us, because we are a constant and growing/laughing/loving/fucking/intelligent/creative/successful/etc. reminder that HOMOPHOBIA IS THE PERVERSION, NOT HOMOSEXUALITY.
I am not the self-loathing one. Not as much. Not anymore. I am not the one who uses the word "cocksucker" in a derisive manner. When I say "cocksucker" I say it flirtatiously, humorously, because there is nothing wrong with having a cock, or sucking one. Just because YOU think it's a shameful thing does not mean I DO.
It is you, the homophobic, selfphobic, lovephobic, sexphobic, lifephobic heterosexuals who use parts of the human body and sexy acts as if they were insults, or profanity.
Stay behind. Stay where you are. By all means. Live as YOU choose.
But there is absolutely nothing you can say or do, throw or quote, that can keep me from LIVING/FUCKING as I choose... You have absolutely NO HOLD on me...
Keep your beautiful pussy, woman. Use it as you well please. All the more power to you! But remember, what's the point of a pussy if you're not going to have the pleasure of BEING YOU?
Is sex REALLY all about pleasure when the spirit is drowning in shame?
Is pleasure all about having a hole, or a sense of self and worth?
Is penetration all about orgasms and pussy muscle power, or delving deeper into the profundity of self and other, and emotive power?
And lastly, are you saying that being ME is actually about wanting to be YOU?
Being gay can mean so many things. To any one of us, at any given moment in his/herstory. Maybe this is what pisses so many people off. Our actual emotional/spiritual freedom. To be anything. To be anyone. To not be fettered to any one tradition or custom. And still be happy, loving, SMART, articulate, open to life in ways no traditional Assyrian male or female would dare... or do you? Do you dare be happy AND Assyrian?
Willing to evolve AND Christian?
Do you?
Do you dare?
Do you dare to laugh with me, live with me, read with me, eat with me, drink tea with me, love life with me... erect a monument with me...