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Aprim redonds
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, February 11 2004, 15:29:08 (EST)
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...Finally, this is not necessarily addressed to you in person, I do not claim to be a historian, or a writer for that matter, and whatever you see printed on,, and is because those web masters chose to put that label before my name. I had many arguments with all of them; however, they insist to do so. I cannot stop writing and posting material on Assyrian web sites simply because certain Assyrian web masters insist to add that word ahead of my name. With this assertiveness, I hope that those few Assyrians who feel that I am stealing something that does not belong to me (a profession called historian in this case) could relax and be at ease.

Fred Aprim
February 11, 2004

...he can now add Liar to his resume.


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