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Posted by Kris K. (Guest) - Thursday, December 4 2003, 14:10:34 (EST)
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Website title: This is my Statement.

I was walking down the magazine isle of the grocery store yesterday when I stumbled upon the word "faith" written on the front cover of one of the magazines with a portrait of Jesus in the background. I picked up the magazine and started to read like a curious little boy fumbling around a Cracker Jack box looking for the hidden prize. I though about why I picked up the magazine. Why this one, with the word “faith” and “Jesus” on the cover? It is as if I still wanted my agnostic, yet sometimes atheistic beliefs proven false and Christianity proven true. What is it about my upbringing in Christianity that keeps me in the front row even though I am not watching the game?

The portraits of Jesus I have seen are of an angelic man with shiny brown locks of hair and porcelain skin. He is usually making a spiritual gesture or looking up in the heavens. His face is portrayed so angelic that he almost becomes a woman. The point is, to me this isn’t about a man and his faith but about marketing. Jesus being history’s greatest Advertisement.

Brain Spew


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