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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, February 16 2004, 20:38:02 (EST)
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Website title: a silly concept...a throwback to times when you needed a reason to kill people and get away with it. Why is evil any more or less wrong than wrong? Why isn't breaking the Law enough? Why bring evil into it?

And what's the opposite of Evil? Why, Good, of course. So what do you do when you define someone over there as Evil...and contrast yourself or your religion or your country to that Evil person? Without the slightest bit of become Good. That's all you have to do to be Good...point someone else out as Evil.

Trouble is when you fight Evil...and by implication just the Law or police aren't enough...or you'd merely call that sort of transgression "illegal" are Good for doing so and Good people have this peculiar tendency to do the most awful things and get away with them because they are fighting EVIL...not merely "transgressions" againt civil law...and so the Good wind up being more evil thasn those who they call Evil..because while you expect an Evil person to act accordingly...the Good the United States dubbed itself in its murder of innocent Assyrian a "good" entity acting very badly...acting worse than the Evil one...because they had to come back from being Good...back to neutral and then push on all the way to the outer extreme of their fight against Evil. That makes a civilized nation with a 200 year history of Christian Democratic rule with its roots in the English parliamentary system...which never suffered a brutal rule by ANY outside forces but had all the peace and quiet and security to grow and prosper and lead the makes their slide into the toilet much worse than the people they accuse of being half-way in the toilet already.

Evil is just a way to kill excuse, that would be illegal otherwise.


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