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Hitler and God
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, February 17 2004, 11:33:42 (EST)
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Okay, let's settle something...the "Universal God" the Hebrews crammed down everyone's throat via the Roman Empire is none other than Yahwe, the god of the Old Testicle. Just because he had a son doesn't change his address. Christians, in other words reformed Jews, do this little dance that happens somewhere in the pages that separate the Old from the New Testicles in which Yahwe gets tranformed into Jesus, or the New Father of Jesus. But he's the same old fart...same bloody's meat into wafers "miracle-time" all over again.

The Romans, who wrote the bible with the blood of Christians they killed for not being "orthodox"...even have Pilate washing his hands, for all the rest of them, and placing the execution of Jesus at the feet and in the hands of the Jews who wouldn't accept Jesus as the promised Messiah...and they also put words in the mouth of one Jew wherein he says, "let this crime be on us and on our children's children forever"...Romans always went for the children...Americans too.

Then the early Church Fathers "agonized" over what should be done with the Jews...after all, they just killed much more Evil can you be? I mean ignoring him and letting him go on his merry way is one thing...but to demand he be put to death, when the gentle Romans would have excused him...that makes Jews into some of the most despicable people to walk the earth ever. How can such people be allowed by god, or the church, to live in build homes and raise families? Isn't it an insult, a slap in the face to allow such arrant crimminals to go free? How can you claim to love Jesus to death if you allow his murderers to get off scott free?

There were two sides, two sets of Church Fathers. One set wanted the Jews rounded up and killed, but were overruled, temporarily, by the other set, the "compassionate" set, who wanted them kept alive so they could be used periodically as an object-lesson to remind future generatons of what happens to you if you refuse the Prince of Peace...the one brought to you by the Roman Empire Inc. And so Jews were allowed to settle on the outskirts and poorer sections of town where the air and water was most foul so they might get diseases and their children rot and die because they too denied Jesus and insisted the kind hearted Romans kill him and their obvious suffering would be proof of God` And when the Jews grew successful and prospered anyway and maybe even more so because they were determined to remain faithfull to their god...ahem...the Christians would periodically round them up and slaughter the half of them and steal their wealth, just to set them back to where they'd have to climb out from again...and again...and yet again.

And the Church worked assiduously through the centuries to teach its flock hatred for the people who killed their dear Lord...though how any of them could get to heaven if SOMEONE hadn't killed Jesus, is something they don't try to answer...when it would appear that any Christian who makes it into heaven owes whoever murdered Jesus a big thanks. Anyway, fast forward to Germany, one of several Christian countries in a Christian Europe where they've been killing each other for centuries over which version of Christ is the real and true god of love, when they weren't doing so for territory, gold and petroleum and we meet Adolf hisself...born and raised a devout Catholic who hears the message loud and clear and decides to throw his lot in with those original Church Fathers who wanted the Jews rounded up and killed...and he sets out to do the Lord's work and the Pope's too...and he's applauded for it at first because the Jews just happen to have involved themselves in Psychiatry and the Labor and Union Movement and other progressive agendas, not to mention budding the Christians who own things are more than happy to see Hitler go get Christian all over the Jews, who get one more unforgiveable crime added to their list and why not...that of "losing" the First World War for Germany because they refused to loan any more money to the jackass generals and politicians to keep the administration afloat...and so now on top of killing god they cost Germany its war and the onerous and humiliating reparations the winners imposed on Germans which made them all dirt poor...should such people be allowed to live?

In their black but Christian hearts...all over Europe, not just in Germany and in America too, people said NO...but they said it in their hearts and so Hitler got his go-ahead and most everyone cheered him on until he wanted petroleum as well and then a few countries to go with any true Crusader from the old days would...and then they had to go fight him...though they never got in the way of his Final Solution...and still haven't but picked right up where he and the Church left off cause now they've got Muslims killing Jews while Christians make sure they have every reason to hate Jews...which they never had before..and like Pilate, that other American, they wash their hands and say it's an old "Jew/Muslim" thing, when the Muslims were the only ones to provide shelter to Jews from these same Christians but what does it matter because now Christians have bought the newspapers and publishing houses and books will appear telling the world how Pope Pious the whatever...Hitler's own pal, the Nazi Pope, really did an awful lot to save the Jews and Andy will sing a te deum and tell me I'm an arrogant ass who thinks he knows more than ANYBODY.

There has been no mass murderer in the history of humanity more reviled than Hitler...and there has been no mass murderer in the same history as revered and loved as can see why Christian "intellectuals" have issues. Old Yahwe made humans and didn't like the way they turned he saved one family and drowndead everyone else...animals and infants included. I don't think we stop and take what we take seriously, seriously. The waters rise...fathers and mothers gather their children up and climb the roof...then the waters rise some more and all over the earth fathers and mothers hoist their children and babies above their own heads so they can breathe...only daddy and mommy soon die and drop their unoffending babies into the brine as well...all the animals having died already. And this is the guy who gets all the praise for loving us to death...and I'm supposed to listen to him and look forward to spending an eternity with him.

Hitler didn't make the Jews, Yahwe he made Christian and everyone else. All Hitler did was act out the desires of the Church Fathers and by extension Yahwe hisself because it's the same Jews who turned Christian who wanted thir brethren all killed for denying Yahwe, or his son can see why this stuff makes people crazy and robs them of any shred of intellect they might have been born with, that is snuffed out early and quickly so they can be fit subjects for induced hypnotic trances so they can commit any sort of beastliness this same god who made his Chosen People and then chose they would kill his son, the he INSISTED they do DID...and then chose his new Chosen People to go torture and kill and finally cook in ovens his first Chosen People...who still thank him for choosing them when any sane person would run screaming in the night to go anywhere else and get away from this Bedlam of a relgion.

...and they're worried what we'll do without this stuff?

I have to go lie down.


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