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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, February 10 2004, 12:45:03 (EST)
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...who thinks of these things? I mean says such ridiculous things...over at aina Wm the Dm says America shouldn´t leave Iraq now because there would be chaos...come again? When EVER did this many people get killed this quuickly in Iraq...UNTIL the Americans and the Brits came? And not just Christians but everybody?

And now they say that the violence is escalating as we approach the deadline for the transfer of that supposed to mean that if they DON´T transfer power...and REMAIN...the violence will stop?

See...see the real benefits of religious mumbo makes you stupid from an early later they can pass this kind of crap off on you and you´ll never know...I mean if you´re gonna believe dead fishermen of 2000 yerars ago why WOULDN´T you believe a brain dead Bush today?

How about...Israel wants peace? There´s a good one. Or the Palestinians are mean terrorists...there´s another one. Sigh


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