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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, February 21 2004, 14:55:33 (EST)
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...just read an article in the papoer here about a genetics experiment conducted by high school students in San Jose, Calisfornia. They traced a marker...a harmless mutation that occured 10,000 years ago in China or Taiwan all the way down to their own classroom. It turned out that two students from northern India were unrelated, but one of them was related to a Mexican/Puerto Rican kid in the class. The students were understandably shocked since America's favorite bugaboo is Race. There is ONE race...the Human. There are no African Races or Asian Races...just one. The teacher said that all of us the world over are 98% the same exact thing with a 2% variation in very minor things...or something like that. Migration and screwing around a lot has taken all of our genes around the world several tmes.

What this means for our own nuts is that there are NO meaningful genetic distinctions at all in that small haven of BetNahrain. We are all ONE. We are arguing and killing each other for nothing...nothing more than the insane Jewish religion that has three branches murdering each other for "Love"...for the love of a madman of a god.

I'm no more Assyrian than my aunt Fanny is Chinese...or maybe she is..and maybe I AM Assyrian. But I might just find I have more in common with an Ubangi who moved to Australia than I do with the guy next door in Baghdad. So let's cut it out...okay?

It is be Assyrian the way THESE guys define it and act it is just a religious more set of "Nuts For Jesus" fighting with ten others...we're the Protestant/Catholic religious wars that scoured and scarred Europe until Frederick put his foot down on all of them and said...Oh BeHAVE!!

Give me a civil society in Iraq and I'll be satisfied. Take religion completely out of it...which is not what the Bush wants...and I don't care what religion the president of Iraq has. See why it's so important NOT to come under god...if you want peace? I'd hardly vote for a guy JUST because he was Assyrian...which just means one branch of Judaisim...I'd vote for the best CANDIDATE. What these nuts want is an Iraq torn by religious strife so their sponsors, the United States they hope, will come in and guarentee their "rights"...allow them to build Israel does, as a way to steal more land for themselves and keep the place in war...not in peace..

We are NOT related to the ancient Assyrians at all...not in any meaningful and substantive way...words Peter has no idea of their meaning. If people were wandering all over the earth they sure as hell came through that level plain on their way to everywhre under the sun. Or let's put it another way...just TALKING A LOT doesn't count for shit...and praying to which Jesus counts for less than shit. What should matter to anyone calling him or herself Assyrian today is the preservation of the lands of realistic ways. It's Iraq now...let it go. It matters little what last name Peter picks...he's the same asshole. Iraq is Iraq is BetNahrain is Assyria is Chaldea is Iraq is Iraq...okay?

Anyone interested at all in the magnificent cultures, all of them, that region produced, developed and refined...can be an Assyrian or Chaldean or Iraqi and can be of any religion or none at all. They are using our silly addlepatedness against us...preserve ALL of it...damage NONE of it...kill or harm NONE of its people, the people now living them ALL to get though these difficult days and for Ashur's sake get the United States out of there...they are there to help a few oily inductrialists...all of whom lie and cheat and steal regularly and daily and by the hour.


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