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Posted by dib (Guest) - Sunday, February 8 2004, 21:46:14 (EST)
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Thanks for a great post. The "my god is the only god" or " my way of relating to/obeying god is the only way for you too" or "we alone are god's chosen" is kind of annoying to other diverse beleivers.

Myself is suspicious of any philosophy that expects me to take undemostrable premise as fact and act accordingly. But what really terrifies me are the people in our society that believe that whatever they do to me or anyone else is ok as long as they accept some particular beliefs as truth.

Why doesn't the nitwit in chief just come out and tell us that some invisble man told him to give orders that would result in the present situation in Iraq?

Or did he? "God told me to go after Usama bin Laden and then God told me to go after Saddam.."

So why the intel probe?

Ha, this guy is even more full of bullshit than Clinton, if possible and talks down to Americans even more than Clinton had the stomach for.

My view is that in sqawking over this action, we are squawking over the culmination of a decades long ongoing action to plunder a large oil producing country composed of several ethinic groups/cultures.


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