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Posted by The Nineveh Kid (Guest) - Monday, February 16 2004, 23:36:07 (EST)
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You ask, “why is evil any more or less wrong than wrong?” The answer is simple. It is so simple that even an atheist, if he is honest, should be able to at least understand it philosophically. Though it has been used interchangeably as a secular and a spiritual term, the distinction between the two should be obvious. Even nominal Christians understand that evil connotes rebellion by a creature against his Creator. That is not the same as doing something wrong, like soiling your underwear, or spitting on the sidewalk, or belching during a solemn occasion, or even breaking a civil ordinance, like crossing a street against a light. Evil is a disposition that one chooses, to set himself against the will of His Creator. Those who make that choice cannot claim ignorance. They have full knowledge of their intent and the quality of their actions. By contrast, all of us are guilty, from time to time, of wrong behavior or actions. They are often committed on impulse or due to immaturity, misguided ideas or to get attention or recognition.
Civil trials often describe an unusually heinous crime as evil. Why; simply because of the degree of wrongness? I don’t think so. I think even the secular humanists acknowledge that the origin of some crimes surpass the range of human potential. You may not acknowledge it and that wouldn’t surprise me, but I do think you should admit that colloquially, at least, evil is different than wrong.


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