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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, February 15 2004, 14:41:57 (EST)
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thank looked about the same the first 24 hours here...I mean a block. Warm praise always welcome.

Went to Celaya yesterday and walked right past the California Restaurant where I fed you that godawful tuna sandwhich in a mistaken effort to kill you early. Only this time I walked past it and to a Japanese Restaurant only marginally better than the one we gagged at in Mexico's the last time I eat Chinese or Japanese in Mexico, if that's what that was...I told the waiter expressly that I DID NOT WANT mayonaise with my sushi...I got it anyway AND cream cheese.

Oh...and at that California joint they had a huge banner blaring out they had a French Buffet that whatever didn't sell as California food, when it gets one day older, is now French food...tomorrow it will be Jewish Cuisine.

Ah for those unmatchable Chaldean restaurants in Detroit!


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