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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, February 16 2004, 11:44:27 (EST)
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Tune your radio or TV to the local news channel and youíll see what I mean.

...I don`t let Jews and Romans tell me what to think...and I don`t let CNN do it either...what they present is no more "news" than what the church puts out is the "truth"...they are both owned by the same people and for the same reason and end in sight.

> Christianity, could never be anything but an uphill battle, because it goes against the grain. It doesnít matter what kind of Christian you are, beneath the label, because you still have to contend with human nature as it was even before the Hebrews appropriated and exported Assyrian ideas and ideals.

...the lens you use to view Human the kind of scratched and screwey lens I threw away long ago and many many people can see far better without it and even better if they never pick it up to begin`s true the Human Race has a lot of work to do...and that the Church stands squarely in the way...and is also a good part of the reason we`re in the dismal shape we`re in. You want to cure our ills with more of the same disease...I and many people, have had enough and don`t believe this is the way any longer...and it never was.

Human nature is forever, the X factor, and individual free will, will always steer human nature to its destination. That freedom of the will, to choose is one of the most appealing aspects of the Christian way of life to me. are nuts.

To choose what is right regardless of how negative the consequences, is the real challenge. But to choose the way of peace, of non-resistance, to hate the sin, but never the sinner, to live by example, resigning oneself to whatever comes ones way, over controlling oneís life by the selfish manipulation of the lives of those around you, that for me is the ultimate challenge. I do not claim to be adept at the Christian way. I make no pretense to myself or others that I will ever master the Christian way. I will say this, however, that I havenít found a better goal to set before myself. It is the target, though never attainable, is always most worthy of pursuit. keep playing these silly spent the entire paragraph telling us how admirable the Christian WAY is and then end by saying the GOAL is admirable. I agree...all the things you aid are goals...but I do NOT agree that the Christian WAY is the way there...cut it out will you...stop changing horses in midstream. Everyone agrees peace and kindness and ecency and self-giving are admirable GOALS...we know because the Assyrians epitomized that while the Hebrews were killing each other`s wives and their own children for God. That`s why I can`t accept a Jewish/Christian WAY of getting to Assyrian GOALS.

> I confess also, that I havenít been able to purge myself of cynicism. I have episodes of depression and despondency and almost total bewilderment when I ponder the evil that we humans are capable of.

...I don`t believe in Evil...I don`t htink in terms of Evil...illegal and lega is enough for was enough for Hammurabi...



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