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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, February 18 2004, 22:42:58 (EST)
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jeezus h christ! What amazes me is how someone could have made it thrugh that farrago of nonsense to the end and studied it so thoroughly...lord lknows I've tried but it crosses my eyes and makes my dick weep to get past a page so utterly nonsensical is it.

Most refreashing and I thank Thomas Paine...if you begin to see Christianity for it was, a device of the Roman Empire to find a better more economical way to rob, kill and control peopler, it not only makes sense...for the first time ever...I mean REAL sense, not the kind you need an out of work plumber who FOUND Jesus to explain to his idiot flock...but it's also brilliant.

And for this we threw away Ashur? And got EXACTLY what we deserved!


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