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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, February 13 2004, 11:32:56 (EST)
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StarDrifter wrote:
>Yeah, we're one and the same.

...well praise somebody! Now we know you have TWO annonymouse names. I don´t know if you´re growing up and becomming bolder or drifting backwards...but then you probably don´t know either. Given your take on morality you probably think you´ve become honest by addmitting one fake name is the same as the other fake name.

Does it seem strange to you. After all, here's a Christian who agreed with you on so many other issues,

...who´s a Christian...what´s a Christian...what are Christian still won´t engage on the very simplest and most basic definition of what the hell you´re talking about.

...what the hell does it matter to me or anywhere that you AGREE with i seem lonely to I seem bereft of friends and bewailing the I seem like someone who needs a SUPPORT GROUP before he dares venture out anywhere ten million people haven´t BOLDLY gone I supposed to be GRATEFUL to you for agreeing with you call it...and therefore keep silent and betray my self cause I found ONE CHRISTIAN who agrees with me...what the hell does agreeing with me have to do with anything...

until I just cracked from your body-slams against Christianity and especially the art work depicting Jesus.

...why can´t I draw Jesus_ What´s wrong with my drawings of´re the ones who say you eat his body...its YOUR disgusting cannibalism not mine...what´s the matter does honesty terrify you all that much. YOU say Jesus said EAT ME...where was my slander...compared to this.

...for a religion that slams bodies all over the place...and just slammed 500,000 Assyrian children´s bodies into the guys sure are sensitive.


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