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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, February 19 2004, 12:00:15 (EST)
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"For eight years, he translated for Saddam and other high-ranking officials. Despite his status, he was a target of abuse and harassment by Saddam's security forces."

okay now...see if you can keep your eyes on the prize in here...everything in this article is supposed to make you hate Saddam...Islam and by extension Iraq...or any other stupid and evil country or person who insists on staying Islamist...that´s the new phrase...Orwell-speak for Musilms who deserve death. You´d think it would matter somewhat the reason this fellow was we know many a Black American is targetted for a lynching for being the wrong color and then getting uppity about it...or Queers in Wyoming can be targetted for a whipping and being tied to a fence and left to freeze to death...or Blacks who get tied to pick-up trucks by devout Christians and get dragged to death...ripping their arms out and sanding their faces off on the roadway.

So what did the guy DO to fall out of favor and go running for his life...and incidenetally any evil regime that wants you badly enough will use the family you left behind to get you back or get at you...which apparently didn´t happen in this case. What should be the entire point to the story...the pivot that everything swings totally ignored because what you are SUPPOSED to focus on as the REAL what they want to GET you to other words the end result, or the conclusion, if you will...which is that Saddam and Islam and Assyrian children are EVIL...becomes instead the main of one or two you´d need to post BEFORE reaching the conclusion... Instead they just SAY up front what they want you to conclude...and say they "prooved" it when you nod your head in agreement because you´ve gotten used to nodding in agreement all the way through school till you´ve nodded off to sleep.

They have so primed Americans that they no longer require reasons for anything or any lengthy and hard to follow there was no need to even plant fake WMDs...we just took the spoils and ran...and now too, we don´t even think to okay...what awful thing did this guy do?

See how important Christianity is? When a child doesn´t ask how come he has to eat human meat and drink human blood...he or she is ready to listen to the "news".


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