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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, February 18 2004, 12:06:39 (EST)
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I wonder why this principle of bad examples, scandalizing an entire group or institution, only applies to Jews and Christians. Why is everyone else exempt? Am I missing something here? Applying your logic whenever someone chooses to become anything, in addition to being a human being, for example, a sculptor, a lawyer, a politician, a Mason, a Rosicrucian and then goes off on society and becomes your next local mass murderer, that group of which he is a member will become responsible for all of the worldís ills. When did they cease to be individuals capable of thinking and acting on their own? When did they relinquish their personal responsibility for their actions?

...all people are responsible for their actions...even if they were shat upon as children...we still don`t excuse them...neither should we it is god who shits in their minds and forgets to flush. The other groups you mentioned also commit crimes and beastly acts...but no other religion has caused more death and suffering in the history of humanity than Christianity...none. And it is no woinder...the religion of "perfectlove" was founded on the murder of an innocent who HAD to be killed or no goodies would flow to his followers...who were nothing more than his executioners...for the Romans who killed Christ made a going business and a new variant on Imperial Control out of his "message"...further you people start your children out early in life on a steady diet of human flesh and blood and tell them it is a Holy Sacrament...and that the victims of the butcher WANT to be butchered and then eaten...after so foul a beginning you shouldn`t rerally have to "ponder" much and "agonize" over how many wrong Christians there are in the world...nothing amazing about it at all...just take fifteen children and really get them eating real human flesh and blood from a victim THEY just murdered...and tell them you`ll reward them with Eternal Life...or ice cream for eternity...or a new bike and tell them the victim WANTED to be killed and eaten for THEIR sakes and that this shows their PERFECTLOVE and then imprison, torture and kill and brand as heretics and "a horse with blinders on" the kids who refuse...and do that for a 1000 years and see just what kinds of bloody and beastly Christians you`ll get...and then tell me what the difference has been between make-believ cannibalism and the real thing.
> You pride yourself on having an open Forum here, where everyone can freely express their opinions on a topic like this without being censored or banned, but if that is true and if you are correct about Christianity and if Christians still have the upper hand, then where are they? I seem to be the only one expressing a favorable opinion about Christianity on this Forum.

...ask them. We`ve done everything we can to be accomodating...ask Peter and Hanna why they don`t allow this type of discussion...ask them why we have to drag them over here...ask yourself why you only came when you saw yourself being dragged over...ask them why they can`t...with all the others who think as they do...why they can`t manage a discussion...and you`ll find out it`s for the same reason you can`t do it for very long`ve been TAUGHT your ideas...I LIVE mine.

Yeah, I'm the bad guy, Mr. Assyrian-Christian-Punk-Kid. I'm the mean-spirited, stupid, idiot, infantile jerk. You're the only one with the right answers.

...there are no answers...when you believe you`ve found one and then that it came from the ONLY`re ready to kill. I ask questions..passionately and fearlessly...and I would extend the same courtesy to anyone else capable of it. It is through questioning that we grow...that`s why the Church burned people, not for the content of what they wrote and thought...but because they thought AT ALL.

When you brand someone wrong, they don't simply get a number tattooed on their arm or wear a patch with a Star of David or a Cross, they get the Whole Enchilada, the Whole Shebang. Thereís no balance in your viewpoint, Mr. Parhad. You donít want a civil exhange of views.

...I think you`re packing your bags. It`s interesting to note that when you first said you would come on here, Wm the Dm said forget it..."you can`t change his mind"...what more do we need to understand that these guys aren`t about "thinking" or "exploring"...they are about CHANGING your mind..and changing it to what...why to their beliefs of course...anything short of that isn`t intellectooooal enough for them...if your mind doesn`t show signs of being made of silly-putty to begin with...they see no point in if dialogue was meant to be a hammer or a can openner and your mind just a can.

...I told you would be most disappointing toi me personally if anything I said made any kind of convert of you...I`m not interested in changing your mind...I don`t Evangelize...I don`t care for "followers"...I DO want to challenge people to think for`re just afraid because you think I`m going to replace one tape recording with another...and I don`t think my style or approach warrants that fear at all...if anything I have been abrasive intentionally because I want no "friends" or tribesmen or club fellows...I want peoplke to go think for Krishnamurti told bedazzled followers who begged to be shown "the way"...he said I have nothing to teach you except...except to go out and do what I did...learn who you I tried to learn who I am. Keep any views you want to...and I`ll keep mine. If there`s no benefit from exploring...then let it go.

You just want a sounding board for all of your vile hatred against Christians. It reminds me so much of Mr. Adolph Shickelgruber, who renounced the path of Christ, to later gravitate as an adult in Vienna, to that pus-filled center of anti-Semitism, where he became imbued with the mediaís portrayal of Jews as scapegoats with stereotyped attributes.

...the pope prayed at the Wailing Wail and asked forgiveness of all Jews and the world itself for the anti-Jewishness the Church is still preaching. When you weren`t here and for three years now, I`ve had no trouble thinking out loud...which is all I do. Do you think when you pack your points and religion and run along I`ll have nothing to say? That`s your fear isn`t it...that no one will "challenge" these questions...

He always had a choice and he finally made a decision that turned him into a monster filled with a lust for power and revenge on humanity. A humanity that failed to live up to his expectations. A humanity, that failed to fit into his global vision for mankind. He didnít get it either, even when everyone around him, his closest subordinates, finally did.

Hitler was no him worked the culmination of 1000 years of Christian teaching and plays and now movies about how the Jews killed Christ...when it was the Romans all along who washed their hands and wrote your book for you and went on for another 1200 years burning and raping and pillaging AND killing other Christians and you think because you almost succeeded in creating an intellectual and moral wasteland...that there should now be Peace? Bush is no monster either..just another devout Christian who got the message RIGHT!
> It isnít the Jews or Jesus Christ, or the Church or Christians that are the enemies of mankind, Mr. Parhad. Itís just ordinary individual human beings like you and I, who plod through each day, hoping to see another tomorrow, who along the way are trying to learn what itís all about. Yeah, I know, Iím just a kid.

...that`s not true...if a troop of "wrong" Muslims came into being and moved into your neighborhood and began practising cannibalism and drinking human`d get pretty upset. The Church TEACHES and womankind commit crimes and we have civil and decent laws...or had till you Christians began muddling things up..and civil law is enough for civil society...and civil society scares the shit out of you want a savage society...but savage and under your you can aim them at people you decide are Evil and wrong and fire.

What does a kid know? Iím just a stupid Christian Kid, unworthy to call myself an Assyrian. Youíre right, Mr. Parhad, I donít have the answers, but thatís where you and I part companyÖ I know I donít have all the answers. If I did, then I guess Iíd be God. What does that make you then?

...I said...I ask questions. The only answer I have is that we obviously need less god and Christianity and the rest of them too...let`s go back to a civil ssociety that obeys its own laws, the ones agreed to by men and women...let`s put gods back in the cages they belong in...we came this far as a civil society with god in his place...the errors we`ve committed are punishable by Law...that is enough...unless of course you make it a crime...not a SIN...but a CRIME to think and speak like this...which you Christians have every intention of doing...and then I`ll break your fucking, "new law".
> Well, maybe youíre right. Maybe after you stamp out the last Jew and the last Christian youíll have a perfect world. Good luck to you, Mr. Parhad. I think Iíve learned all I need to or want to on this Forum. Thanks anyway for listening.
>The Nineveh Kid

...sure thing. Always a pleasure. By the was Christianity that killed more Christians than anybody else could ever have dreamed of...10,000 in one it was also Christianity that killed six million Jews and 500,000 Assyrian children and is getting ready to do the same to Muslims. I never killed anyone and never would...the most I did is run over a skunky Gringo and I wouldn`t have cared what religion he had.


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