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Re: What Does A Kid Know?
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, February 18 2004, 11:36:33 (EST)
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The Nineveh Kid wrote:
>Mr. Parhad, You are like a horse with blinders on.

...better than a jackass who squints.

At some point in your life you decided that the Jews, Jesus Christ and Christianity are the cause of mankind's troubles. I didn`t. I decided that people are the cause of people`s troubles...not gods....but especially those people who use gods to hide behind... like I don`t.

Once you made that decision, you put those blinders on and now you view everything through your anti-Christian lenses, refusing to even look objectively at the smallest bits of evidence that would contradict your bias.

...I`m not anti-Christian...I never would have had a Dark Age...I don`t burn people at the stake for holding contrary views...I don`t believe one set of madmen are any saner than another set...I don`t kill for a god or preach loving-hatred either...I demand the right to think freely and express myself as I choose...and for this the Church has hated and killed me all of its bloody life...not my thing at another book.

Jews For Jesus? How about, Parhad For The Negation of Reality? You live in a virtual world of your own making where there are only two types of people: The Bad Guys = Christians and the Good Guys = anti-Christians. When you talk about plain ordinary human beings who, at some point in their lives, decided to follow Christ, whatever stripe of Christian they may have chosen to become;

...somebody tell the kid there is indeed a group called just that.

...they did`t decide...they were forced into it...with many stripes. It is your fantasy that people fall all over themselves to accept Jesus Christ. He was a nice guy and I like some of the things he REPEATED that were sure as hell never conceived of in that toilet known as the Holy Land...made of barren hillsides no one wanted and so naturally the Hebrews "conquered" the shit out of the bugs and rats infesting them and went on to build a Chosen Land you still can`t farm without a zillion dollars a day from somewhere else.

...Throw the Church doors open...or never take a child in there and see what kind of "Free Will" you`ll get.

it is precisely at that point that you ceased to see them as human beings anymore. You are doing exactly what you accuse the Jews, Jesus Christ and His followers of doing. And it is precisely this type of thinking that will lead to a future Holocaust of Christians, that will dwarf any previous Holocaust in the annals of human history.

...bullshit...besides let the Christians suffer a holocaust for a change...they sure as hell brought enough onto other people...but bullshit anyway. Why is it only "acceptable" for Christians to starve to death Assyrian children?
> With the type of thinking you are promoting, Im sure society will eventually tag all of the offending members of the human race. Only this time theyll add another patch with the Cross emblazoned on it.`re showing your is your religion that put patches on people so they could round them and cook them... and now tags Islam as a religion of Evil...I don`t deal in Evil...if a Jew or Christian or Muslim breaks a civil what needs doing...under the Law. It is YOU who play the God card and the Evil card that has set the stage for you people to self-righteously slaughter millions upon millions...and then recently 500,000 Assyrian children...just to keep in practise. Every time someone wants to save a tree he or she is accused of striking at the roots of`s an old gambit, a card you all played way too many is YOU people who are the threat to decency and civilization...not me.

...I said clearly...the Law is enough...and not until the Nazi Christians in Germany and then the Conservative Christians in America CHANGED the Law...according to their religious convictions...were they able to come GET people and "tag" them, "according to the new Law"...both in Germany and in America. Without reference to your Christ, except in passing and by people most devout...w created a marvellous land of opportunity...and then you saw lifted Christ out of his grave by the beard, like the last time...and began shoving his corpse in our faces till the stench of your hypocrasy clouded our eyes enough so we couldn`t see you were seizing our assets and fouling our air and robbing our Treasury and denying Black Americans the opportunity you denied them since the days of Slavery when not a fucking preacher attacked that is the game you people have ever played and having it exposed and talked about and challenged is the fear that grips your nasty little heart...not fear for CIVILIZATION...but the fear of losing your grip on it!



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