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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, February 22 2004, 12:22:34 (EST)
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The Nineveh Kid wrote:
>The Nineveh Kid wrote:
>>You may be right, but then, how would you know for certain unless the person who created it revealed his actual intent?
>...I forgot...God spoke to you and told you exactly what he intended to do and then proceeded to kill more people than any ten Hitlers...but you`re right, it`s in Mein Kampf and the bible as well.
>......No, He didn't speak to me. I don't assume anything, while you on the other hand do so quite freely all the time. But then it's easy for you, since you don't claim that God speaks to you either, you just claim to be be God (I read very well between the lines).

...sure he did. You know about how life started...who made what...when and what he know god wants us to love each other...while he hacks away at us mercilessly, you know weīre better off with him than know the street address to the hereafter, you know what saints and matyrs said and who gets in and who doesnīt. You born agains are good at one thing.,..repeating lies till you believe them and just plain exhaust the rest of us. Contrast that with making a personal judgement of a work of art we can SEE and I at least can touch. Weīre not supposed to be "judgemental" over works of art, or architecture, or music thatīs right in front of noses...but take YOUR word for it that godīs word about the Infinate is BEYOND QUESTION! Youīre so cute!
>>Anyway, when other people view works of art, must they always view it through your eyes? You seem to have the mind of a Boa Constrictor. You are always telling the world how to interpret everything... can't you give your personal view without trying to intimidate everyone?
>...we don`t scare easily around here. While you people smile and kill people..then tell us we`re grumpy because we can`t smile when we tell you to stop it...and then the same people who aren`t intimidated at the thought of killing a half million Assyrian children are all of a sudden dreadfully shy and intimidated when we discuss a work of art...well, you are a peculiar bunch.
>......You must be paranoid; who's trying to scare you? I notice you like to throw that, "you people," label around a lot. That makes it real easy for you doesn't it? Instead of sticking to the issues, just label anyone who disagrees with you as, "you people." Scapegoating and stereotyping is just what, "YOU PEOPLE," do so well though!

...take it easy...eshcew obfuscation...I mean YOU CHRISTIAN you well knew. God you have a lot spare breath...all of it bad.

I see quite clearly, that you have a big problem seeing anyone who disagrees with you as an individual, therefore you just throw them into that, "you people," category.

..hey, noodnick...if I had trouble with that Iīd do what those Christian forums do...Iīd ban and delete and demand sweet talk and gooey ideas...I let you say what you want...and anyone else fact I DEMAND substance...give it your best I do and quit whining.

I'm not intimidated by your opinion... you're more than entitled to it, I just think it's rather peculiar, for any artist, to have such a narrow view of anyone else's work.

...Youīll notice you arenīt even here to see the piece but are relying on my own photos...but never mind. Allīs I said was that those who commissioned that work wanted to present the Natives in a certain being grateful to Christ and kneeling to show their is you who are one track minded...I see another possibility and Jeff saw whoīs the single minded shmuck around here? I donīt take orders from nobody and neither should you...I look at the piece and decide for I looked at your god, washed my hands and clothes and walked by...whatīs the matter with that? To me that sculpture reveals the real story...the Natives were whipped and beaten and killed into submission and their children were taken from them and forcibly numerous RECENT accounts have recently as a few years ago the Brits were still doing that in Australia...thereīs a movie made about it in fact and the children who were torn away but ran and walked across miles and miles of barren desert to go back to their dear but "heathen" families are still alive to tell you about how they "fell over Jesus"...or rather how he fell on top of them.

I'm beginning to think that you are the one who is paranoid. First of all, you have this habit of projecting your own inadequacies onto others.

...thatīs the beauty of Freedom and can think what you like...we wonīt excommunicate you for it or ban you or tie you to a stake and burn you...go ahead.

You've built a solid wall around yourself with a tower inside of the wall, where you can perch on top and look down on everyone else, except your disciples, of course.

...the internet is hardly a hiding place. We have peopole reading from all over the world and as we always say...they are welcome to write whatever they want. Do you seriously believe weīd ban Peter BooHoo or Hanna or Firas or Ghassman if they came on here? Hell no, weīd welcome the motherfuckers with open arms, cause we is Assyrian...and THEN weīd pick them apart and they know it so they stay away...we welcomed you didnīt we? People have attacked and attacked what? My beliefs arenīt made of jelly or candy...I can fact I relish the challenge...that{s why I sneak onto other forums whenever I can...I donīt see me hiding anywhere...ah..."kid"???

You feel safe and secure there to wage war on whichever segment of the human race you happen to disagree with. Christians are the ones waging wars...talking and thinking and writing and with strong opinions too is hardly warfare...grow up.

You are really very childish and immature... maybe you are the real KID. You love to throw around blanket statements, use abusive, profane, sacriligious and blasphemous remarks... it makes you look real tough, doesn't it. You spit in God's eye, without fear. Big mean, Mr. Parhad, tells off the terrible Christians and Jews...

...God has been poking peopleīs eyes out long enough...and sending snakes and poison gasses and fire and famine and pestilence...if I am a kid...Iīm his. I donīt like being told off by Christians and I return the favor...whereīs the surprise? You donīt like what I do to Christians..though itīs just talk and so you come on and challenge me...and I do the same...can only YOU PEOPLE find fault?

Oh, how shocking... who else has the courage to do such a terrible thing. See, there's no lightning bolt from Heaven to strike him dead. Yeah, I'm really impressed Mr. tin god. But the story of your life isn't over yet, not yet... not by a long shot!

...are you gonna be the one to deliver that shot?


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