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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Tuesday, February 17 2004, 10:27:05 (EST)
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parhad wrote:
>...from aina...where else?
>jaDate: Monday, 16 February 2004, at 1:14 p.m.
>"We have come to the point in our history where once again we can work for our people in the homeland and bring them under our Assyrian agenda.
> have? What funny way you have of getting to such great points. I suppose things were GREAT right before Simele too?"
> Yet we have found that many Assyrians are working against this in the most dirty and bitter way possible, they have left scars, they have played with our peoples minds, they have created a disease within our nation, they are against those who are trying to do a good work for our people in the homeland. Question is, is there any way we can be free from this disease in our nation and move on towards our goal?
>...have you anything to say about the Christians who just got through bringing you to this "great point" by killing 500,000 Assyrian children...72,000 of which were Christian...or is that okay cause Christians killed them?

Sorry to butt in....but it was actually 27,000 Assyrian children under the age of 5, and not 72,000. I know the numbers aren't important and if we took into account the Assyrian soldiers and civilians that have died it may well have been 72,000, but the UN didn't release those statistics and that would be our guesstimate.


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