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=> Up to 500 Assyrians Dead (From Zinda)

Up to 500 Assyrians Dead (From Zinda)
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, February 20 2004, 11:53:18 (EST)
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thanks...we`ll understand a lot more about these double-strength Asses of ours if they include these names in their next celebration of our dead. Though if they do...they`ll just blame it on Saddam`s forcing the Liberators come kill them. But will be interesting

I am reminded of the big deal made of the Christian soldier who got lost in the snow and died...froze to death two years ago in Syria. It was a tragedy of course..any time a human dies like that it is. But the calls to NEVER FORGET...and OUR MARTIR...and OUR BRAVE MATRYR...rang a little false and hysterical too...where are the calls now?


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