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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Friday, February 20 2004, 18:25:26 (EST)
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'Zilittia T' Du Ena!' ('A Thorn!')

Posted By: Kakovitch <> (
Date: Friday, 20 February 2004, at 11:28 a.m.

'Zilittia T' Du Ena!'
('A Thorn!')


Mr. Peter BetBasoo:

Your posting of Friday, February 20, 2004, is in itself stern and abusive to the freedom of expression as promulgated by the laws of the land in which this Forum appears.

Obviously you are not being truthful in your continuous insistence that this Forum is independent. As a matter of fact your adherence toward one political view is in itself obnoxious and hipocritic, and frankly, detrimental to the caliber of a person one expects you to be.

You chastise mere opinions, rather than destrujctive genre of their message.

You implement a modum to renege all what is not favorable to your political one-track mind.

You abhor renunciations of the passages and articles brought to your attention as being frivolous and unobstructive.

Down below, there appears an article in which the writer posted:

"Iraq ain't goin' the way of Balsamic..I mean Islamic-aka "No Shari'a for you!"

Not only did I respond with a stern warning to the author, but, I also suggested for the removal of it from this Forum, yet, it is still there.

In another article Mr. Albert Michael goes on naming our Assyrians as assassins, and his postings go unheeded.

I have posted close to 700 articles on this Forum, and, not a single one depicted any Assyrian, or any Assyrian entity as evil or demonic. Yet, you chastised me on the merit of as you put it "netiquette" for capitalizing the headliners, instead of taking into consideration the contents of the posting.

You seem to have failed to perceive the notion of evenness and haphazardly have succumbed to that of disregard, disrespect, and now even deceit.

This Forum is dominated by criticism geared toward another Assyrian Media for its biased and opinionated modes of operation. Yet, you dare to enunciate fairness and independence some of the postings as 'gibberish' and not 'germane'.

Your protracted effervescence of bashing journalistic essays due to their points of view rather than their content is a maladie that is, has been and shall continue to be rampant in Middle Eastern mentality [your words, not mine].

I shall summarize by stating that perhaps, you ought to rekindle your buyoancy of flamboyant media maitrise, and, mute the intricate personal manifestations in dealing with those who are afflicted with purely journalistic sense.

FINALLY, however, even the distasteful and arrogant posters are contributors, in one sense or the word.


Ivan Kakovitch


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