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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Sunday, February 22 2004, 22:11:07 (EST)
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Re: Be Fair and Reasonable

Posted By: Kakovitch <> (
Date: Sunday, 22 February 2004, at 12:10 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Be Fair and Reasonable (Fred Aprim)

: Mr. Kakovitch

: I guess you do not travel and you do not stay
: in hotels if and when you are asked to
: travel around on official business!

: There is something reasonable to talk about and
: there is stuff that is just foolish to bring
: to discussion....

: There is always the exception in every matter.
: You have specific situations, I would love
: to hear about them.

: Fred

The Marriott stays I implied were directed to the leaders of the fundraising affairs.

You can dig the details on the matter of some years back, when the Assyrian Civic Club of Turlock had a fundraising for 'Garbia'. Some $25,000 were raised to be sent to that part of the world.

Guess what? Seven members of the Club went to Istanbul and Ankara, stayed in first class hotels and passed on what was left of this $25,000 after their expenses in both cities, to proper authorities in northern Iraq.

These are minor elements in our behavior. I do not take them seriously, because they occur at all the times.

Yes, travels I did for business reasons were obviously paid by the U.S. taxpayers. However, personal trips--numbering six times around the world, plus long stays in most of the cities where Assyrians reside, were furnished by this taxpayer, alone.


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