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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, February 17 2004, 21:37:51 (EST)
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Re: Demonstration for indigenous people of Iraq

: Take note. 2/17/04

: Dear Assyrians, Chaldians and Syriac people.
: Notes that there is not much mentioned of our
: people’s name, rights and the preservation
: of our national identity in the new Iraq.
: What can we do about it? How about a large
: demonstration in Washington DC and every
: other capital in world for kha-Bnesan
: instead of a parade, because in our
: situation right now there is nothing to be
: proud of.

: Yours truly.

Posted By: Ann-Margret Yonan <> (
Date: Tuesday, 17 February 2004, at 5:03 p.m.

In Response To: Demonstration for indigenous people of Iraq (Dinkha Dinkha)

I was just talking to a very dear and trusted Assyrian intellectual and activist in Chicago this evening. He told me that some of the returning AUA members had spoken to him and told him that they will be holding a conference in San Jose very soon to discuss what happened when they met Kanna in Iraq.

He also told me something very interesting, which was that Kanna had told the AUA people he was "pshema" or sorry for his involvement in this shameful Chaldo/Ashur affair, and that he should have never betrayed his nation.
Can someone corroborate this information, please?
Thanking you in advance.
Ann-Margaret Yonan


...well he got the part about nothing to be proud about right. If the forum beastmasters were serious people we'd have discussed the ins and outs and the beejayzuz out this point once and for we could present a civilized front to the world...but there isn't anything civilized about these hill Christians. They will never get an Assyria...and any rights they get in Iraq will come their way as citizens of Iraq not of an "Assyria in my mind".

...If I were given to plot theories and traitors and the rest of it, I'd suspect aina and beth and all our activists of being in someone's pay to make sure we stay stupid and crawling around bitching at each other and begging for handouts...then claiming they are our's BY RIGHT!

...the indigenous people of Iraq are the ones who are there now...same as in the United States. Anyone else USED to be there and has no rights...not anywhere in history in the world not nohow nowhere. The Jews who lived in Palestine all those centuries the Christian Europeans were cooking and eating them are indigenous...the ones moving there from Europe have become indigenous...but they didn't have to steal half the country to do it...but these things happen.

These guys discuss politikikayi as if they were in a lab somewhere doing research on indigenous plants or the real world possession is ALL of the Law...especially international law...our fools look just like that coming around with their formulas and prooves and diclarations...sigh.


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