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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, February 22 2004, 21:00:09 (EST)
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: thank you for claryfing the assyrian, and
: christian history for us. i always thought
: that it was the muslim turks with the help
: of muslim kurds that slaughterd two thirds
: of our ppl at the time of world war
: one(750,000 people), but according to you
: that is not the case. according to you we
: cant find one war since 1904 that muslims
: brought on against our assyrian christians.
: so what my relatives and countless other
: assyrians faced during that period was just
: pure imagination. or wait i got it i can
: blame it on the rain, yeah thats better!!

...don`t try to pull rank by mentioning your family...we all lost family. Stick to the point. First of none of you will accept United Nations figures for the number of dead Assyrians just a few years ago and up till today...I hardly see why you`re so confident in the numbers gatherd by who, when, where and how? Or is it that you`ll believe anything that suits you? I`m sure if those 500,000 dead Assyrian children were killed by Muslims you`d be crying buckets and believing every word.

People die in war, "it is tragic"...ask that famous Hysterian Aprim...those are his words. Christians are hated in the MidEast for good reason...I know, I lived there was born there and fought off hateful racists like you...they were just Muslims racists. The United States shows no remorse for killing those children...and remember, this is the UNITED STATES bastion of Freedom and Democracy and not the barbaric country of Iraq, as you all never tire of representing it as...or the far "worse" and barbaric Turkey in 1915. So what`s America`s excuse? Didn`t they too feel justified because they felt they were in danger? isn`t that the pretext they used...although they never found any WMDs you were all crying about for a year.

Do you suppose the Turks had any reason to be afraid of the collected might of the greatest industrialized nations on the earth at that time SAYING Turkey was a "sick man of Europe" and dividing it up in their heads? What had Turkey done to the Europeans except have oil? What about the hundreds of thousands of Turks killed by the Christians in that unprovoked war?

No one is saying the deaths of those people wasn`t tragic...what we`re trying to say is that it will go on and on...the Crusades will never be won and in this atomic age..we`ll all lose. You won`t bring those people back with new murders.

Just as we see this time...the Christians of the MidEast have kept this silly idea that European Christians will come save them and love them and they`ve fallen for it every time and paid the price.

As if Christian never killed robbed or raped Christians. Who do you think fought and killed each other in the Peasants War...the Seven Years war...the Wars of the Roses...the Napoleonic wars...the First AND the Second World War...what the hell makes you think.,...from what evidence...that anyone is going to come rescue you or defend Christians? When all you`ve done is give the Muslims surrounding you even MORE reason to mistrust and hate you...though why they still tolerate your presence there I can`t imagine...during the Second World war America just took American citizens of Japanese ancestry and put them in prison and took all their possessions...I can`t imagine why the Muslims haven`t done that to Christians...except maybe that they aren`t Christians. What do you think?


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