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embetter yourselves?
Posted by dib (Guest) - Saturday, February 21 2004, 9:33:43 (EST)
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PresidentBush's advice:

"For those of you looking for work out there, take advantage of the opportunities available to embetter yourself," he

What does this mean?

I've seen a number of people go from making 60-70K a year with benefits now working for 9-15 dollars an hour (20-35K a year) with no benefits (or laughable benefits) who don't even count on the millions of unemployed. Whether the president can or should have anything to do with jobs is beside the point, the remarks ring back to the previous bush administration: The elder BushPrez, visiting Santa Monica CA, pointed across the street to a burger king's help wanted sign and said' there's jobs, what's this about no jobs available?'(how many people would take working at burger king to rent a one bedroom apt in that area?)

This is ridiculous and people tolerating it is ridiculous.

Before anyone accuses me of being anti-american or not supporting the troops...
I'd like to see this moron-in chief out in the field in some of the countries he's so anxious to bring "democracy" to, see him trying to survive under the engagement conditions as they are for Iraq. Haha
Preposterous... But maybe if the economy crashes a little harder, war will be the only game to play in order to feed your families. Sounds great huh?

So did I answer my own question? Should we "embetter" ourselves by joining the military or arms industry? Maybe we should apply to Halliburton or one of it's subsids. Makes me wanna puke.


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