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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, February 20 2004, 19:07:04 (EST)
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...this God is an even more miserable thing than Hitler was...and Hitler was stoppable. But this god can be stopped too...and without shedding a drop of blood...just say no. Walk away from this kind of Love...the earth is groaning under the weight of it and it isn't getting any better. To whom would you rather entrust your fate...this god or the Supreme Court of America before the time when they put god up there on the bench with them?

After wading in biblical gore it strikes me as really odd the lengths our Christians go to justify this scoundrel and then to justify themselves for joining Ashur was worse than this heavenly putz.

Look how eagerly they hunt through that abbatoir of a holy book looking for anything that will explain away their becomming Christian,...even to the ludicrous claim that the Assyrians are the work of THAT madman's hands. Who the hell would want to be? Look what his "love" has done to us. The Jews were stuck with him...okay. But what in Ashur's name were WE thinking? We need this kind of "approval"? We need to become his hired henchmen, doing even more dirty work for him...and for THIS Hanna and the rest get wet?

We, like eveyone else this god ever subdued, were beaten and whipped and scourged into REALLY think anything from that book would have swayed Hawaiians surfing on the beach...a luau cooking...bare breasted lovlies in the with warm brown members cavorting in really think they dropped all that beauty and peace and willingly and joyously and eagerly went running into the bloody embrace of a nut god we had the sense to send away to the desert where the Jews...who were picking dinner from underneath the stones found him?

And what of the Assyrians?


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