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=> read it...if you must

read it...if you must
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, February 10 2004, 17:48:07 (EST)
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can you imagine the reaction of whoever opens this letter at the FCC?

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In Zinda: An Assyrian Complains to F.C.C. Against Assyrian KBSV TV

Posted By: Fred Aprim (
Date: Tuesday, 10 February 2004, at 10:20 a.m.


I am taking this opportunity to bring to your attention, even though, the Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center, who has been licensed to have an Educational Radio KBES of Bet-Nahrain, and Assyrian TV Studio KBSV Channel 23 broadcasting in the City of Ceres, the County of Stanislaus, the State of California has many educational programs that serve the community, especially the Assyrians.

But, at the same time, it has many controversial political programs. Some of which have brought ill feelings among many Assyrians. The Dadeshos, namely Sargon and William, and their crew have been violating the F.C.C. rules by using the educational Radio and TV broadcasting for their political end.

Many times the Dadeshos, and some of their associates putdown some prominent Assyrian Social, Political, and Religious leaders. The Dadeshos, for years, have been insulting people who are not in line with their political views. They advocate many ideas that are contrary to the Assyrian cause, worse yet, they do not give the right to those who differ from them in opinion, to rebut. This practice of Bet-Nahrain Radio and TV broadcasting is in violation with the democratic system of our chosen country, the United States of America.

I, as a firm believer in our system, cannot tolerate the injustice that is done by the Dadeshos, to those who do not support their political stand on all the issues related to the Assyrian cause. On Sunday, the night of February 01, 2004, Mr. Sargon Dadesho, president of Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center, announced, " Mr. Yousip Daroo, from Iraq, is going to be connected with our TV Station and will answer any questions asked by callers." Callers, who have somehow connection with Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center, Bet-Nahrain Political Party, and AssyriaSat TV Studio, which belongs to Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center, were given ample time to ask questions, and get answers, to their questions, from Mr. Daroo. It was around 11:15 PM when I called, and addressed my question to Mr. Daroo. My Question was preceded by a statement, "I know that, until 1978, you used to be a member of the delegation from Iraq, who attended Congresses of the Assyrian Universal Alliance and my question was: "Can you tell me what Assyrian political Organization you worked for in Iraq after 1978?

Before I could get an answer from Mr. Daroo, Mr. Dadesho ordered the controller of the calls to cut me off the line. And I was cut off. At which time, Mr. Dadesho followed his order by a statement, saying, "He is an agitator." Mr. Dadesho took advantage of his position being in control of the program, and said on the air that I am an agitator without giving any wrong doing by me to support his statement.

I have been involved, and have held many prominent elective offices in many Assyrian social, and political organizations. In 1963 I was elected as President of the Assyrian American Association of Philadelphia. In 1968 I moved to Chicago, where in 1973 I was President of the Assyrian Social Club of Chicago. At the same time I was made an honorary President of the Assyrian Civic Club of Chicago. I have been appointed to Chair different Committees, and to become Midwestern Regional Director of the Assyrian American National Federation. I have been elected as Executive Secretary, later as Vice President of the A.A.N.F. In 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 twice I was elected as President of the Assyrian American National Federation with which 32 Assyrian Organizations throughout the United States of America are affiliated. Then until the present time, I have been elected as a member of the board of advisors of the A.A.N.F. In 1982 I was elected as Deputy Secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, an Assyrian international organization which has as its members, Assyrian organizations, federations, and councils from countries throughout the world. Since 1982, I have been on the Executive Board and/or Board of Advisory of the Assyrian Universal Alliance. In 1992, I was the founder of the Society for Settlement of the Assyrians which helped in the settlement of the Assyrian refugees, who came to Stanislaus County and also helped those who needed help in the immigration cases. In the year of 2000, I was one of the founders of the Assyrian National Council of Stanislaus, with which are affiliated 8 Churches, 8 social, educational, and cultural organizations and 4 political organizations in the Stanislaus County.

In all humbleness I have held all those positions. Now Mr. Dadesho on the air says "he is an agitator." The point I am raising is not meant to be against anyone’s freedom of speech, that is protected by the constitution of this land, but to defend the rights, of those individuals, like me, against whom a character assassination statement is made on the air without stating any action on my part that would support their statement. Also in defense of many Assyrians, who have as much right to be heard as the staff of KBES & KBSV broadcasting, who for years, have been deprived of their right, to express their political views, and to rebut on any political issue related to the Assyrian cause, that is expressed and discussed on the KBES & KBSV media.

I am sure that you would agree with me, getting license to operate a radio & TV media cannot be used as a license to step on the rights of others. The reason for bringing this matter to your attention is the you are in a position to be able to remedy the problem in a proper way. Meanwhile, I expect Mr. S. Dadesho to apologize, on the air, for the statement he used against me. And the Bet-Nahrain Cultural Center to do the same in writing. Moreover I would like to have equal time, also time to be given to those who would like to rebut the issue that was discussed with Mr. Yousip Daroo.

Thank you in anticipation. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Simon J. Mirza

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...the FCC, as everyone knows, is zealously defending the rights of a free and very expensive Media! Jeez...what a howler.


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