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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Wednesday, February 11 2004, 17:24:31 (EST)
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This is why I don’t think anyone can ever get to the end of this. Three people standing next to each other, on a corner, can’t agree about the details of an accident. Now take one of those three and put him a hundred miles away in another city. He’s in a different setting, practically speaking, a different world. Bring him back and put him on the same corner as the other two observers and let them explain to him what happened, the picture is still fuzzy. We can’t depend on time or space to fill in the blanks.

...these are tricks nothing are confusing the issue not clarifying it...after what you just said I can reply simply by saying you donīt know if Jesus existed or was a pervert or anything...those are not the issues..there is a thing in existence called is based on a belief in a Christ. I donīt HAVE to know if he existed or not...or what the world would be like without him..or if he wore dresses and had buck teeth...all I need to know is what has been done in his name..square that with what you people SAY you did...or were trying to do..or meant to do...and on that basis...I discuss Christianity...which you wonīt come near. An odd thing for a defender of the faith to do.

We can’t depend on our own circumstances, our knowledge, feelings, or personal experiences either. How then, can you make judgments based on a puzzle containing billions of pieces of evidence, littering at least 6000 years of history, 99.99% of which, has not been collected and most of which is irretrievable anyway?

...thatīs your take on it...again, it matter not in the least if there ever was a Christ...but what Christianity HAS DONE is well documented...just go back 300 years...surely there is enough

Everyone would like to put the puzzle together, but without the pieces it seems impossible. So, what do we do, wring our hands in despair? No, most of us set about to make our own judgments based on the best evidence we can gather and then look at that evidence in the light of our own personal experiences. The result is our own unique viewpoint and belief.

...of course it is and youīre welcome to it...but you donīt stop people Evangelize and hound to death and pursue AND you blight the minds of children...but go ahead. Just are basing all of this on absolutely nothing...the whole thing van be a myth as far as you know...whatr remains is what Christianty REALLY is...not on what Christ was..or whether he ever was or wasnīt...and Christianity is defined and highlights itself and holds itself unique and distinct on those points you refuse to discuss...that says it all.

Now, if the whole body of concrete evidence that we have gathered combined with the experiences of all the people from former generations that has been handed down to us has led the world and all humanity to where we are today, imperfect as our institutions are and imperfect as all of us are personally, and all of this is based on a lie that was not merely invented as pure fiction, but actually lived, then not only does religion (especially Christianity) not make any sense, nothing else make sense either.

...not killing 500,000 children in the name of Christ, makes sense to does not killing Christ so YOU can get any benefit.
>You weren’t there, I wasn’t there, so what do we have here to determine veracity. Should we rely on historians, bible scholars, artifacts and written accounts? Should we weigh the evidence against our personal prejudices or what we think is fair or unfair? Whatever the true historical facts are, this we can say for certain, they are fixed in time. The facts are there, but no one can lay claim to them, except the people who were part of that history. But we don’t need to merely study historical facts in order to arrive at a decision whether to follow Christ or not. He has exemplary followers in every generation that you have neglected to mention or talk about, who have kept the Christian tradition alive and well for more than 2000 years.

...there you go have not discussed Christian dance around the subject...every time you say Christian you want us to think of kind and meek and gentle and humble and self-sacrificing and I tell you again those were all around and doing quite well without Jesus and before Jesus and after him amonmg all sorts of wonderful people...the only truly and uniquely Christian tradition is to seek to benefit from the murder of innocent people...young Jewish men in particular...that isnīt speculation on my isnīt open to interpretation, it isnīt hidden in the mists pf isnīt a matter of personal SAYS SO right there in the first books you give to children...THAT is Christian tradition...stop dancing around..a mind is not tap shoes.

It is a tradition, which has flourished in every age and every culture from Eden, through Ur, through Assyria and too many others to mention, up to our time.

...No it is not. Benefitting from a crime and always has is cannibalism and vampirism...the rest are traits that are HUMAN belonging to all of us everywhere...they are NOT Christian.



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