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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, February 23 2004, 11:12:56 (EST)
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There once was an Assyrian soccer team loved the game, loved their field, loved their balls, loved their bright green and gold uniforms. They took on all challengers and beat them consistently. Then one day the team members became Christian and lost their first game to a Muslim team from across the river. They didn't mind it too much though because they got to go to heaven when they died where they'd win every game, or so they were promised. So they turned in their green and gold uniforms for sacklcoth and ashes, left their mighty field to go plow the pastures nearby and of course had no use for their balls any longer.

But then the Muslim team got famous and all the prizes went to them and soon the Christian team was sorry as could be but they blamed the Muslims for playing a better game and cheating too and as much as they wanted to get back into the game they kept tripping over their rosaries, blinded each other with ashes, couldnīt score from their knees and hadn't the balls any longer to play the game...and so they blew up the field and planted mines in the bleachers and invited other Christians to kill the children in the Young Soccer League. And then they felt better.


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