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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, February 20 2004, 19:13:32 (EST)
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Re: Enough already

Posted By: George Stifo (
Date: Friday, 20 February 2004, at 3:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Enough already (Ashor Giwargis)

Dear Assyrian Wannabe,

Who told you I support Afram Barsoum? We don't even belong to the same Church anymore. I and others have split from them.

Let me see if you are man enough to not be Nestorian and start being Assyrian.

You truly don't deserve the name Ashor.

George you you see how George makes his stand clear by saying he doesnt EVEN belong to the same Church as the other what do they have in common...why they have in common that they dumped Ashur and broke up along several Church lines for starters.

And they dare say who deserves and who doesnt deserve the name of Ashur...too cute.


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