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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 6 2004, 18:49:26 (CEST)
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"I'm not assyrian, im iraqien.........And all iraqis want the kurds to go back to where they came from. They are not welcome here!"

...this from beth. I too was told to go back where I came from..when I lived in America. Just where is everybody supposed to go to? Where did any of us "come from"? What`s the cut-˛ff date? Iraqis and English who move to America would like at some point to think that is where they "come from" terms of making their children feel like they have a base.

It must be hard on Japanese parents who`ve lived in America for ten generations to have their children told to go back where they came from...where is that? These children have nothing in common with Japan or the people where is "back"?

How long do the Kurds have to live somewhere before that is where they come from? Do Assyrian parents want their children to forever be told to go back where they came from?

Kurds and others have been in that region long enough to make that where they NOW come from. If we sent everyone back to where they came from...we`d all just wind up moving a few feet in any direction..we come from ALL OVER.

These infantile ways of dealing with realities is what makes us in BetNahrain and the Muslim world so prone and ripe to be toyed with by the more pragmatic West who will make anyone THEIRS if he or she improves the bottom line.

We must be the only ones insisting a pure bottom is all you need.


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