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=> you are a fucking liar

you are a fucking liar
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, February 13 2004, 11:45:47 (EST)
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Dear cousin mine...and you can think this is because you cheated me until I got you right back...who cares. These ¨books¨are nothing more than propaganda you all put out in attempts to get the world to feel sorry for you. There is nothing that happened in Simele that doesn´t match the perfidy, ingratitude and cowardice of the Levies you are all so proud of who escaped from Urmia to find a safe haven in Iraq and then showed their gratitude by wearing the uniforms and using the weapons of the occupiers of Iraq of THEIR day, the British, and allowing themselves to be used as a police force to abuse, push around and brutalize the very people and government that took them seems Muslims are damned by you if they do and if they don´t...had Iraq closed its borders and sent you all back to´d be crying today about Muslim cruelty in not allowing humanitarin whatever or being in cahoots with Muslioms the world over to GET YOU!...and you´d be writing books about it you can´t publish anhywhere either because they are so atrocioulsy written and presented with NO corroboration anywhere because...WHO NEEDS FACTS WHEN YOU´RE DEALING WITH NATIONAL DIAPERS...and so you have to come begging to self'publish.

Write a book someday thanking the Iraqi government for taking you in and the Brits for putting you in work camps and using you to break rocks and work their kitchens and clean their toilets and then use you further as their mercenary police force and THEN write about what Iraqis did to such people...and add a section about what America would do to Muslims who formed a police force in New York to ¨protect¨ make me sick. You think pity will buy you anything in this world...okay then...I feel sorry as hell for you. Are you happy now.

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New Assyrian Book

Posted By: Robert W DeKelaita <> (
Date: Friday, 13 February 2004, at 7:36 a.m.

Fellow forum participants:

I have recently, and proudly, sponsored the publication of a book in our language called


By Odisho Odisho Barazana

The book is about the events surrounding the 1933 tragic massacre in Semele; an eyewitness account by Odisho Barazana (of the village of Saraspidoon, Upper Tyari). Odisho was 16 years of age and recounts how thousands of Assyrian men crossed the Tigris River in 1933, in search of settlement under French-occupied Syria, and then retuned to Iraq to gather their families. Upon their return, however, the Assyrians were met by a hostile Iraqi army, outnumbering them by both manpower and weapons, as well as outmatching them by weapons technology. As if by miracle, the Assyrians overwhelmed their enemies, inflicted countless casualties, and caused the Iraqi government and military establishment tremendous embarrassment. Unable to defeat the small Assyrian force, the Iraqi army turned and massacred unarmed men, women, and children in Semele, and returned “triumphantly” to Baghdad. Assyrians who were completely innocent of the conflict were rounded up and shot by Arabs and Kurds alike, while the Yazidies looted their villages.

This is a unique book in that it gives the Assyrian viewpoint of the events recorded by such authors as Stafford and Husri, and analyzed by Dr. John Joseph (The Nestorians and Their Muslim Neighbors) and others. Malik Yacoub Ismail gave his version of these events in his book, and this book gives another perspective.

The book is 284 pages and has many historical photos. It is the work of a man who has previously published two additional books (Rasafa and Dashna d’Saybooti).

I am asking for your support and the support of our organizations. The cost of publishing such a book has been high, but I am confident that our people will come through and purchase it. I am aware that books in our language do not have a large readership in the West, but I believe those who consider our culture and heritage sacred, will purchase it to keep the publication of such books possible in the future.

The price of the book is $25.00 (shipping within the US $3.00 per first copy, .50cents each additional copy). We have published 500 under the name of the Assyrian Academic Society.

If you, or your organization, would like to order the book, please contact us. My secretary Nineveh handles all of the orders.

Call Nineveh at 847 677 9501 or send a check made out to Robert W DeKelaita to:

The law Office of Robert W. DeKelaita
6600 North Lincoln Ave, Suite 200
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

I thank you all for your support, and thank the author, Mr. Odisho Barazana, for his wonderful effort and for the precious memories he shares with us and the future generations.


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