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Belief in Ashur?
Posted by Dean (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 0:54:38 (CEST)
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Now ... when you say "slander him and those who believe in and like him" -

What do you mean by "believe in ... him"?


parhad wrote:
>...refreshing isn't it? I mean the absolute freedom Ashur asks us to consider granting to anyone...even you.
>...Your fantasy is pleasing to you no doubt. Let me remind you that Jesus was arrested as a criminal and executed as one. But fantasy is your prefered abode.
>...can I post such things about Jesus on your forum? Not that I'd want to...I just want us all to remember who the criminal is here. As an Assyrian forum we would never do to you, or allow anyone else to do, what your Christian forum did to your relative.
>...that's soemthing you can take comfort in...and it comes to you from the people of Ashur...go ahead...slander him and those who believe in and like him all you want. You only make the point more clear every time.
>You're just the kind to enter your host's home and try to trash it. It's our hospitality and tolerance that allows it...nothing in you.


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