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Dear FuckFace
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, September 11 2004, 21:14:57 (CEST)
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>There is God, and then there are women and finally men. Women have been given the precious gift, got the first comes out of their prick`s`s called sperm..withoout which there can be no fetus...this gift god gave you is YOURS to care go spraying it around it indiscriminantely who punishes YOU!

the power of their Creator in bringing forth life.

...they can`t do it by themselves...some Peckerwood sticks his pecker in there and let`s is his FAULT first of all.

The share in this incredible power of creation. Some "choose" to bring forth death instead....and believe you me, they are never able to forget it.
>She will never be the same again.

...there one million parents and countless relatives in Iraq who will never be the same what?

note: Make your answers to me to ME..make them as insulting as you like...leave other people and organizations OUT of it. This is between your fucking god and can speak for him if you want to..and you can hit Ashur all you want...leave your wife out of it. We want no more fudge-packing around here.


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