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Dear Nothing:
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, September 10 2004, 7:58:58 (CEST)
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...I`ve gotten used to anonymouse Christians ...but you`re the first honest one I sad for you.

nobody wrote:
>Life begins when brain waves can be measured and life ends when brain waves cannot be measured. In respect to a an unborn baby they can measure brain waves on the twelve day of conception

..if brain activity were the measure of life you people died long ago. But that doesn`t matter. What you don`t seem to understand is that the ship has left port and you`re stuck on the dock waving a ticket that expired long ago...but the ship is GONE. You have a definition...someone else has another one..a third person has can all be doesn`t matter any lonmger and it never will again.

..what you people fail to realize, in your holier than thou that regardless of the life in a fetus...women have always managed to get them aborted..always..and they always will. That too is a fact you have to add to yours....given that fact...far more moral and humane people than your Church decided that a dead fetus was enough..they did not want a dead mother as well. That`s all legalizing abortions has has allowed the mother to live. This makes you Christians furious I you try to get us all weepy with photos of dead fetuses...what you don`t see..or maybe what you LIKED seeing and now MISS seeing, are photos of women who bled to death as a result of such illegal abortions. We no longer consider that a just punishment for getting an abortion...we see that as an added while we can`t stop one murder of the legalizing abortion we at least save another life..we have less dead bodies laying around. I know it`s hard to swallow...but there you have it.

A fetus is certainly alive..though not viable..but it IS is the mother..the mother who will get an abortion any way she can..that means the mother can die as well...and we no longer want that.

We`re moving away from you people and it`s way past time we did.


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