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First Pisheeta Post
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 1:52:19 (CEST)
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...this is my first post at Pauls House of the religion forum...might as well go to the pinhead of it all Let's sit back and watch the storm of intelligence that breaks over my head...I chose the name "farpar"...since farid was already taken and they wouldn't let me in under Aunty Christ.

...title is, HELLO JEWS!!!

Just so you all know that's Farid Parhad to you...also known as your own dear Aunty Christ.

I'm here at the express invitation of your Pisheeta Master, Paul Younan...and I'm here against my better judgement for I find he isn't much at keeping his word so that although he assured me there were new rules that allowed Aunty Christ to post here without giving you all the fan tods..I still don't trust him not to come up with some fresh trick.

That said, let me assure you that while Paul has revealed himself to be a most foul mouthed and minded person during his vists with us...I will respect your house rules in as much as anyone without ice water in his veins can.

Paul assured me you're all really very smart here and there isn't a thing about Voodoo or Phrenology or any number of sciences and religions you aren't up on. So I thought I would begin with Christianity...

Can any of you scholars explain to me why it should have been necessary to murder half the world into Jesus while you boys claim that in a small part of the east...millions of people JUMPED freely into the arms of this same Jesus...who was literally DEATH to millions and millions of others?

Take your time.

And if you could..please refrain from using your own "theology" to explain something as mundane as how you derive what amount to census figures. If I have serious questions to ask a Nazi about his theories of Racial Superiority I would NOT consider Mein Kampf as "scientific" proof.

As far as I am concerned the bible and Mein Kampf are on a moral and intellectual plain...two birds of one tail feather.

I would appreciate it, therefore, if you provide something OTHER than your own fables to "prove" your fables with....

Thank you....

...ooops...that should have been "plane", not plain...ah well, they may need all the help they can get.


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