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Never Forget...
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, September 11 2004, 23:11:06 (CEST)
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..that it was a Christian forum that shares all your perverse values that called your dead relative insulting names, equally offensive as what you have called my Queer friends...don`t forget their response when you begged them to please show some respect...remember that...and then remember that at this neo-Pagan site with it`s Big Bird diety and Humanistic crap you are allowed to insult us in ways we could never begin to even discuss your diety on Christian the place that allows you to slander even your own wife...don`t ever forget that as you hurl your insults, vulgarisms and infantile morality at us...that we allow it and make it possible whereas your Christians..who also pay you..felt free to both ignore your pleas and insult your dead relative..remember that...and at least recognize that the Lord we respect...respects Putz.


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