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Poetic Emancipation - New Movie
Posted by Kikhwa (Guest) - Sunday, October 3 2004, 20:01:46 (CEST)
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Can't wait till this one comes out!


Here's a message from the director:


Poetic Emancipation is an Assyrian/American Film shot on location in Chicago, IL. The film will be screening for Assyrian Audiences in the coming months. Below you will find a link to our website which includes:

-A Poetic Emancipation Quicktime Trailer
-A link to Reel Chicago's article on the film
-A PDF File of an article in "Big Idea Magazine's" October Issue

The site is under construction and currently is only housing the above mentioned material. We will soon have an updated gallerey of production stills as well.

Please feel free to contact me at

Hope you enoy!


Haron Adoni Esho


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