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Posted by aunty christ (Guest) - Saturday, October 2 2004, 19:24:11 (CEST)
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....stay in one time frame..everytime you get caught with your pants down you try to distract us with what they were wearing 3000 years ago. If you want to go back 3000 years..then let`s take a look at your Jews at THAT time.

When we discuss you Jews today...discuss us Assyrians of TODAY.

There is nothing at all slanderous you can say about Assyrians vis a vis the Jews of that day...the Hebrews killed their own children...and then each other`s wives..over one god. That never happened among the Assyrians. Everyone was killing back then..the Assyrians were among the most civilized of their day....period.

If we speak of you neo-Jews today we see you "real" ones unable to defend your families...running all over the place until you find a warm spot with the REAL Christians who are able to provide you with sanctuary because they are the most murderous people the world has ever seen...just 60 years ago they tried to kill every Jew they could...and now they have declared holy war on Islam..and when there were no others to kill, these Christian protectors of yours turned their knives against each other and made Europe a slaughterhouse of children and women and THEN wewnt killing round the world...what is WRONG with you people!!!

I`ll tell you...any religion that demands human sacrifice and then plays at eating the corpse and drinking its blood...a religion native to a TINY hillside in Israel but forced down the throats of people round the BOUND to unsettle the Human Bean.

You are a religion of murder...TODAY. We Assyrians are not of you...TODAY. If you want to go back 3000 years you were STILL the worst things imaginable and we were STILL THE BEST!!!


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