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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, September 10 2004, 21:01:14 (CEST)
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beautifully thing though..the Koran uses "infidel" to refer to Heathens and those who worship idols..and although Christians worship more idols than Assyrians ever did...Muhammad didn`t call Jews and Christians infidels...they were, as his own followers are, the People of The Book and were to be respected and protected. He considered his own message to be a corrective..he was not a god or the cousin of one and no one had to kill him and eat him to learn "Perfect Love". That bit of barbarism is strictly Hebrew..Muhammad was right..the other two DID need a good hosing down. But as the pope has bastardized Jesus1 too has Muhammad`s been crapped happens.

People with no understanding and seeking to inflame passions have used infidel to mean Christians as well...that is just one lie put out about Islam.


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