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Posted by Aunty Christ (Guest) - Friday, October 8 2004, 17:46:03 (CEST)
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Paul Younan wrote:
>You didn't post this on my forum, you posted it at!
>Click on "Forum" and register your username and password.
>Nice message, though. Get ready to be torn apart. =)
>Tiglath, I did my part. I expect you to keep your word and come on my forum!

...funny how you didn`t try to rip anything apart...I`ve been posing this question for two weeks and you`ve been careful to avoid it...on your anything goes forum you have all of FIVE messages and four are about the kind of sandals Jesus wore...I`m expecting to be torn apart by three high school students?`re supposed to get back to me before I can venture into your nursery...I`m real worried.

...for the record...I expect nothing but pedantry...just imagine Christianity is Voodooism and you`ve got a mess of scholars all set to explain to me how the first cock was chosen and how it`s neck it slit and what its gizzard signifies..that`s all your scholarship and Jesus nonsense amounts to...I`m more interested in how you ever came up with the idea that a rooster`s crowing is really god speaking and you have to wring his neck to go to heaven...but I`ll play along for a bit.


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